If you have more than one child and have multiple safety seats in the car, you want to spread them out if possible (like in a van with multiple rows) or put them together for maximum protection. With a mix of booster and harnessed seats, place the booster seat in the middle so the older child is better protected. The harnessed seats will provide adequate side impact protection for the younger kids.
Hello! While chances are, it could be fine, we don’t recommend using a second-hand seat from any source. There may be wear or damage that you can’t see, especially in the high-backed ones. There’s also a greater chance it’s been recalled or has expired. We recommend at least double-checking that the seat is not expired, that it’s not been in an accident or is not on a recall list before you use a second-hand seat.
The Graco Affix Youth Booster is a true booster seat that many parents have loved over the years, in a few different forms. This can be used as a backless booster seat (for between 40-100 pounds and 43 - 57 inches) or a highback booster seat (for between 30-100 pounds and 38 - 57 inches). This seat is a little bit wider than other models, making it perfect for longer rides.
These car safety seats are buckled into the back seat of your car and face backwards. They’re meant for newborn to two-year-old children. While some professionals say rear-facing car seats can be upgraded to front-facing seats when a child turns one, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping your child in a rear-facing seat until they are two.1
The main cause of death for newborns around the world, says the American Academy of Pediatrics, is being born premature. About 450,000 babies a year, or one in nine, are born prematurely in the US alone. Adding a surfactant, or lubricant, to the lungs of a newborn helps them breathe. After it was implemented in 1985, preemie deaths from respiratory distress syndrome dropped by 41% over the next six years.
A. Rear-facing car seats are designed to protect the fragile skeletal and muscular structure of their occupants. When an infant or toddler faces forward during a crash, the head snaps forward, causing softer neck and spinal bones to separate. This is an injury worse than whiplash. A rear-facing car seat is designed to cushion the head and prevent those whiplash-like injuries. Parents may want to have face-to-face time with their children, but safety should be a larger concern when transporting a fragile young passenger in a vehicle.
The Graco Backless TurboBooster's safety ratings are definitely impressive. The IIHS awarded this seat the coveted “Best Bet” designation for its outstanding ability to protect riders in the event of an accident. Aesthetically speaking, this booster's Disney Cars pattern will appeal to children of all ages. The colorful seat, with solid black accents and white piping, brightens up a car's interior while supplying dual hideaway cup holders and removable padded seat cushions. Note: A pink Disney princess seat is available for those children who might prefer a different design.

In November 2017, more than 500,000 car seats made by Diono were recalled, including the popular Diono Radian R100, Radian 120, Radian RXT, Olympia, Pacifica, and Ranier models. The NHTSA stated that when select Diono car seats are secured with a lap belt only, children over 65 pounds are at greater risk for injury in a crash. Diono sent owners of recalled Diono Radian and other models a free kit to reinforce the car seats. You can get more details about the Diono Radian car seat recall on the company’s website.

Features: 4-35 lbs.; up to 32″ tall; 4 sets of harness slots; 3 buckle positions; “Air Protect” technology for enhanced side-impact protection; energy-absorbing EPP foam; adjustable base with premium push-on lower LATCH connectors; built-in lockoff for easy seatbelt installations; adjustable canopy; handle can be in any locked position during travel
Differences Between Sonus & Stratos 65: Stratos has a higher weight limit for forward-facing and includes 5-position height-adjustable headrest with deep wings. Stratos also offers push-on LATCH connectors, removable cup holders, harness strap covers and an additional “recline stand leg” on base which makes it less likely that you would need to use a pool noodle or rolled up towel to achieve the proper rear-facing recline angle in vehicle.
Infant seats typically have a base that stays in the vehicle although most (but not all) models can also be installed without the base. This type of carseat is rear-facing only for infants up 30-something lbs. and is highly portable. For infant seats rated higher than 30 lbs., almost all babies will outgrow the seat by height before reaching the weight limit. You can purchase extra bases to use in other vehicles if that suits your needs.